Limited Edition


Marina Abramović

Hands as Energy Receivers (2014)

Limited Edition by Marina Abramović


Hands as Energy Receivers  (2014)
Black and white pigment print
Image size: 17.8 x 17.8 cm; paper size: 33 x 33 cm
(7.6 cm white border)
Edition of 250 + 25 AP
Signed and numbered

This Limited Edition artwork ia available on the occasion of Marina Abramović: 512 Hours at the Serpentine Gallery.

In a unique work created for the Serpentine, the internationally acclaimed artist Marina Abramović will perform in the Gallery for the duration of her exhibition:  10am to 6pm, 6 days a week. Creating the simplest of environments in the Gallery spaces, Abramović’s only materials will be herself, the audience and a selection of props that she may or may not use.




Exhibition dates 

11 June - 25 August 2014


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Hands as Energy Receivers (2014)

Hands as Energy Receivers (2014)