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Serpentine Podcast explores art and ideas for a changing world.

A curated listening experience exploring multiple facets of a singular theme per season, Serpentine Podcast shares Serpentine’s commitment to elevating the voices of artists and other practitioners whose work critically engages with the issues faced by our societies. It has consistently been produced by the highly-acclaimed audio production company Reduced Listening.

Since its inception with the On Work series in 2018, which was produced live throughout Serpentine’s Work Marathon, the Podcast has experimented with audio as a space for art, taking on different forms. Serpentine Podcast explores new ideas and urgent questions for our present moment and shared future. Weaving together interviews, sound art, archival materials, discussion, music, and field recordings, each episode is an an adventurous yet considered listening experience, available on all major podcast streaming platforms.

Latest series

Our current series, REWORLDING, invites listeners to imagine the world we need, and considers the simple practices we can all use to nurture a more generative reality – from remembering to playing to reconnecting. Airing from 18 January to 15 February 2023, REWORLDING is hosted by Gaylene Gould, and brings together the voices of leading thinkers, writers, artists, designers, and many others. You can learn more and listen wherever you find your podcasts.

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You can listen to all previous series on podcast streaming platforms, and discover more about the ideas behind them on our editorial platform, Art + Ideas.

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