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A rehearsal for a concert, with three singers at microphones, a choir waiting behind them and a harp on the left

Inside RAFTS: Live

A selection of lyrics, reflections and behind-the-scenes imagery from RAFTS Live, the concert component of Rory Pilgrim Turner Prize-nominated project.

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Tarek Atoui and Lina Ghotmeh on Dawn Chorus

Tarek Atoui and Lina Ghotmeh on Dawn Chorus

Serpentine Pavilion 2023 architect Lina Ghotmeh and sound artist Tarek Atoui discuss spatiality, sensory listening, and the soundscape Atoui created for the Pavilion.

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Head and shoulders of Brontez Purnell, who is wearing glasses in the shower, with water running over him. His eyes are closed in abandon and his hand drags sensually across his face, parting his lips

The Queen in Trade: A Sex Column Not Yet Started

Writer, artist, and musician Brontez Purnell shares an unreleased sex column for Serpentine Podcast's Intimacies series.

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