Serpentine Gallery

15 Jan 1983 to 13 Feb 1983

Martin Froy: Paintings, constructions, drawings 1968–82

An exhibition of Martin Froy’s paintings, including new works created between 1969 and 1983.

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This was the first chance to see Martin Froy’s paintings in London since 1969. The exhibition included new works from the intervening fourteen years.

Martin Froy (b.1926) is described in the accompanying publication by Judy Marle as 'a man who is by nature highly methodical, highly intellectual, quick to pounce on his own evasions or mistakes' and as having a 'deep attachment to, and feeling for, the whole magic and muck of painting'. His paintings 'are at least as much about his response to experiences of homes, of local landscapes, of travel and foreign views, of washing lines and pond in the back garden, as about picture making'.


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