From the architecture pavilion and digital commissions to the ideas marathon and the general ecology programme, explore over 50 years of artists, projects and exhibitions.

Blow Up 71

10–18 Apr 1971

The first summer show of 1971 featured a week-long outdoor exhibition of inflatables, flying sculpture, and 'art sports'.

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Summer Show 1 [1971]: Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519)

8 Apr — 2 May 1971

The programme featured artists Fred Brookes, David Hepher, David Hurn, Stuart Mealing and Nick Wyndham.

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Summer Show 2 [1971]: The History of Art: 5 More Chapters

8–31 May 1971

The second show during the summer of 1971 showcased young contemporary artists and lighthearted titles.

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Summer Show 4 [1971]: Van Gogh had been dead 10 years before he achieved recognition

3–25 Jul 1971

The fourth show of the Serpentine's summer 1971 programme heralded the talent of exciting contemporary artists.

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Summer Show 5 [1971]: Cézanne is the father of modern painting

31 Jul — 22 Aug 1971

The Serpentine's fifth exhibition in the summer of 1971 showcased artists influenced by Cézanne, the father of modern painting.

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Summer Show 6 [1971]: Old masters were young once

28 Aug — 19 Sep 1971

Artists in their prime were featured in the Serpentine's sixth exhibition during the summer 1971 programme.

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Summer Show 7 [1971]: Rodin, Matisse and Braque can be seen at the Tate

25 Sep — 17 Oct 1971

Ann Gattward, Barry Herbert, and other artists presented work in the seventh edition of the Serpentine's Summer Show for 1971.

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