From the architecture pavilion and digital commissions to the ideas marathon and the general ecology programme, explore over 50 years of artists, projects and exhibitions.

Beyond Light: Bill Culbert & Liliane Lijn

Serpentine South Gallery 18 December 1976 — 16 January 1977

Bill Culbert and Liliane Lijn both began working with light in the 1960s.

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Terry Frost: Paintings, drawings and collages

Serpentine South Gallery 5 Feb — 6 Mar 1977

This retrospective of 69 of Frost’s works traced his development as an artist, from 1943 to his colour cut-outs of the 1970s.

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Arshile Gorky: Paintings and Drawings

Serpentine South Gallery 12 Mar — 11 Apr 1977

An exhibition of works by the celebrated Armenian-American painter Arshile Gorky (1904-48).

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Michael Kenny: Sculpture & Drawings

Serpentine South Gallery 12 Mar — 11 Apr 1977

This was an exhibition of Michael Kenny’s recent sculptures and drawings, from 1975 to 1977.

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Summer Show 1 [1977]

Serpentine South Gallery 16 Apr — 8 May 1977

This was the first of four summer shows for 1977 selected from an open submission.

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Bruce McLean: Special Outdoor Event

Serpentine South Gallery 21–29 May 1977

Alongside 1977's summer show 2, Bruce McLean presented In Terms of, and an Institutional Farce Sculpture.

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Summer Show 2 [1977]

Serpentine South Gallery 14 May — 7 Jun 1977

The second summer show in 1977 was curated by Tim Hilton and featured four artists.

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Spring Holiday and Jubilee Day Celebration

Serpentine South Gallery 21 May — 7 Jun 1977

The Spring Holiday and Silver Jubilee celebration included music and dance performances and a mind-expanding multi-media installation.

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Summer Show 3 [1977]

Serpentine South Gallery 11 Jun — 3 Jul 1977

The third of the Serpentine's summer shows for 1977 featured work by six artists, including a programme of performances.

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