From the architecture pavilion and digital commissions to the ideas marathon and the general ecology programme, explore over 50 years of artists, projects and exhibitions.

El Dia de Los Muertos: The Life of the Dead in Mexican Folk Art

Serpentine South Gallery 2 November 1987 — 10 January 1988

This exhibition offered an insight into The Day of the Dead, an annual celebration in Mexico.

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Barrie Cook: Four Paintings 1967–71

Serpentine South Gallery 24 Jan — 24 Feb 1988

Four large paintings, each occupying a whole wall of the Serpentine’s Central Gallery, formed this exhibition of Cook’s work.

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Fred Williams: The Pilbara Series 1979–1981

Serpentine South Gallery 24 Jan — 24 Feb 1988

CRA Ltd., invited artist Fred Williams to the Pilbara region of Western Australia, where the Hamersley iron ore mines are situated.

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Monuments to Collapse: Denis Masi

Serpentine South Gallery 5 Mar — 3 Apr 1988

This was Denis Masi’s first one-man show in London since 1979.

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Edward Middleditch

Serpentine South Gallery 9 Apr — 15 May 1988

This was a memorial exhibition of Edward Middleditch’s paintings and drawings following his death in July the previous year.

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Kevin Atherton: One Man Show

Serpentine South Gallery 24 Mar — 30 May 1988

Atherton, for his project One Man Show, conceived a complex series of collaborations, resulting in a sculpture in three parts.

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Tess Jaray

Serpentine South Gallery 21 May — 26 Jun 1988

Focussing on Tess Jaray’s paintings of the 1980s, this exhibition also included a number of drawings.

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A Bottle of Notes and Some Voyages: Sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and Large Scale Projects with Coosje van Bruggen

Serpentine South Gallery 9 Jul — 29 Aug 1988

This brought together Claes Oldenburg's sculptures and drawings, as well as the large-scale projects he collaborated on with his wife.

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Bernhard Prinz

Serpentine South Gallery 1 Sep — 9 Oct 1988

This was the first exhibition of Prinz’s work in Britain, bringing together his work from the past four years alongside new work.

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