1 May 2015

Dance artist Nefeli Skarmea invited visitors to experience the 2015 Pavilion, designed by selgascano, in a physical way.

The Pavilion Family Pack is based on open-ended educational philosophies that support children’s individuality, natural curiosity and desire to communicate with others.

Make your own connections with the colours, lights and shadows, shapes and lines of the Pavilion and the surrounding natural landscape.

Use the coloured streamer to move around the Pavilion.

These playful prompts are designed to be shared amongst children and adults, to start conversations and encourage improvisation. There is no right or wrong way to use the cards and they can be used in any sequence.

The Serpentine Galleries have signed up to the Family Arts Standards. We welcome families and to help you enjoy your experience we are committed to ensuring we meet these Standards.


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