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On the occasion of Cao Fei‘s exhibition at Serpentine Galleries, Serpentine Cinema is delighted to present a series of the artist’s films screening across the UK.

Cao Fei’s documentary film, 11.11, depicts the landscape of production and consumption within China. Taking as its case study the overload of labour within the country’s largest retailer,, before and after the country’s Double Eleven Shopping Day (the equivalent of Black Friday), 11.11 travels from the manufacturer’s gigantic sorting centre to the many different delivery points spread across the city of Beijing and the couriers who move throughout this network. A contemporary portrait of accelerated consumption driven by the powerful economy of online shopping within China, 11.11 questions the sustainability of rampant consumerism and how it is shaping our future social and economic ecosystems.

Includes live intro with Scott Lash. Scott Lash was founder Director of the Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Since then he’s been Senior Research Associate at COMPAS, Anthropology, Oxford and is visiting professor at CAFA Beijing and Nanjing University. Lash received a BS in Psychology from the University of Michigan, an MA in Sociology from Northwestern University, and a PhD from the London School of Economics (1980). His research focuses on technological media, social and cultural theory, information society. Publications include The End of Organized Capitalism, Economies of Signs and Space, Reflexive Modernization Critique of Information (2002), Global Culture Industry (2007) and Intensive Culture (2010), China Constructing Capitalism (2014), Experience (2018). Lash is currently writing Infrastructure-Power: China Against Neoliberalism and planning research on River System: Port of Wuhan. His books are translated into 12 languages.


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