Offsite 20 Apr 2020 Free

This event is postponed. Following careful consideration and in line with advice from Public Health England, all of the Serpentine’s public events are suspended until further notice. If you have booked a ticket to an event organised by the Serpentine, please contact us on [email protected].

On the occasion of Cao Fei’s exhibition at Serpentine Galleries, Serpentine Cinema is delighted to present a series of the artist’s films screening across the UK.

Haze & Fog is a zombie movie set in modern-day China. With a title inspired by the blanketing fog of pollution that permeates the country’s many metropolises, the film explores the collective consciousness and monotony of day-to-day life within these urban environments. By harnessing the tropes and metaphorical significance of zombies within Western popular culture, Cao Fei questions what it means to be ‘walking dead’ and the magical potential embedded within everyday existence that might allow an escape from this tedious march.

Includes live intro with Chris Berry.


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