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Visitor Experience Information Desk
Tel: 020 7402 6075
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We welcome visitor feedback! It helps us to continually improve our visitors’ experiences and informs our decision-making processes. We want to make sure you enjoy your visit and that you come back to see us again.

Our specially trained staff are on hand to speak with you regarding all aspects of your visit, from discussing the exhibition and artworks in detail to listening to any comments or concerns you may wish to raise regarding your experience with us. In most cases, your queries and concerns can be resolved quickly in person, but in some instances, further information may be necessary.

If you think of something after your visit that you would like to share with us, the quickest way is by telephone. We are open daily from 10am to 6pm and can be called on: +44 (0)20 7402 6075

You may prefer to send us your feedback in writing. If a response is required, we will aim to contact you within two working days.

Please email us at: [email protected]

Please write to us at:
Visitor Feedback
Serpentine Galleries
Kensington Gardens
London W2 3XA
United Kingdom

We welcome all visitor feedback and carefully consider any compliments, suggestions or complaints that we receive. We will share it with the relevant departments within the Serpentine with the aim of improving our processes and policies or simply praising staff for a job well done. We will respect your privacy and will resolve your concerns to the best of our ability. For more information, please read our Feedback and Complaints Policy and Procedure – October 2020.

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Director and executive support

Chief Executive Officer
Bettina Korek: 0207 298 1507

Artistic Director
Hans Ulrich Obrist: 020 7298 1543

Chief Operating and Financial Officer
Monica Varriale: 020 7298 1504

Executive Assistant to Hans Ulrich Obrist
Lizzie Cottrell: 020 7298 7555

Personal Assistant to Hans Ulrich Obrist
Jamie Kodera

Senior Project Manager
Mayumi Tomita

Senior Project Manager
Brittany Stewart (Maternity Leave)

Project Management Apprentice
Shyed Ibrahim Muhammed


Chief Curator
Lizzie Carey-Thomas

Director of Curatorial Affairs and Public Practice
Yesomi Umolu

Personal Assistant to Director of Curatorial Affairs and Public Practice
Lucy Webster

Gallery Manager
Mike Gaughan

Installation and Production Manager
Joel Bunn

Curator, Exhibitions and Design
Rebecca Lewin

Assistant Curator, Exhibitions
Sarah Hamed

Curator, Exhibitions and Public Art
Melissa Blanchflower

Assistant Curator, Exhibitions
Natalia Grabowska

Curator at Large, Live Programmes
Claude Adjil

Assistant Curator, Live Programmes
Kostas Stasinopoulos

Education Curator
Alex Thorp

Assistant Curator, Education
Christine Lai

Assistant Curator, Education
Jemma Egan (Maternity)

Civic Curator
Amal Khalaf

Associate Civic Curator
Elizabeth Graham

Assistant Civic Curator
Layla Gatens

Senior Editor and Curator of Editorial Projects
Hanna Girma

Arts technologies

Interim Head of Arts Technologies
Kay Watson

Associate Curator, Arts Technologies
Eva Jäger

R&D Strategic Lead
Victoria Ivanova

R&D Platform Producer
Alexander Boyes

Producer, Arts Technologies Commissions
Tamar Clarke Brown

Communications, print & digital

Head of Communications
Rose Dempsey: 020 7298 1520

Press Officer
Laura Gosney

Audience Development and Communications Officer
Youssra Manlaykhaf

Email: [email protected]

Development, events & commerce

Head of Corporate Partnerships
Erica Boyer: 020 7298 1532

Corporate Partnerships Manager
Octavia Stead: 020 7298 7559

Corporate Relationships Manager
Emma Reyburn: 020 7298 7553

Head of Philanthropy
Esmé Lowe: 020 7298 7557

Philanthropy Manager
Aristea Rellou

Philanthropy Executive
Zohra Soorma

Interim Head of Patrons
Catharine Thompson

Head of Patrons
Antonia Grosse (Maternity Leave)

Patrons Executive
Elinor Lloyd

CRM Manager
Lisa Benson

Development Projects Manager
Ella Fallows

Editions Sales Manager
Tanya Karina Pragnell Lopez: 020 7298 1511

Limited Editions Assistant
Eva Duerden

Head of Events
Duncan Welsh: 020 7298 1518

Events Manager
Alex Russell: 020 7298 1531

Events Manager
Beth Stansfield

Events Sales Manager
Sara Winter (Parental Leave)

RSVP: 020 7298 1503

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Finance & HR

Email: [email protected]

Human Resources

Head of Human Resources
Caroline Cromarty

HR Advisor
Charlotte Stevens

Email: [email protected]

Visitor experience

Visitor Experience Manager
Claudia Iorio: 020 7298 7588
[email protected]

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