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a highly colourful painting with pop-art influences, showing bright red, green, orange and yellow planes. grinning caricatured faces with brown skin and hats are shown, as well as the figure of a donkey and some structures.

Télémaque Paean

Dominican artist, poet, critic, and curator manuel arturo abreu pens two-part essay on the work of Haitian painter Hervé Télémaque.

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a large canvas in earthy tones showing many spherical forms and strips where parts of plants are caught up in swirls of leaves

Endless Connection: A Conversation on the Work of Kamala Ibrahim Ishag

Writer-filmmaker Atheel Elmalik and artist-architect Rayan Elnayal share responses to the work and world of Kamala Ibrahim Ishag.

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against a taupe-coloured background, a globular abstract form made of many components hovers. a mossy rock structure is at its core, with glossy magenta fluid and pale pink chalk colliding with it. glassy bubbles float around the scene, refracting the form. REWORLDING is written in white lettering across the centre of the image, distorted by a bubble.

Serpentine Podcast: REWORLDING

A podcast series that invites everyone to reimagine our world through everyday practices.

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on a white wall, a large painting with a sandy-coloured background showing an abstracted village community made up of dozens of small human figures with pinkish-red faces. they are arranged in cocoon-like positions and clusters, with dark brown lines resembling roots connecting them to dozens of trees

The Neighbourhood of the House of Wealth

In this short story brimming with life, Leila Aboulela animates the history of Bait Al-Mal, the childhood neighbourhood of Kamala Ibrahim Ishag.

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Minima Aesthetica

Minima Aesthetica

An experimental text by philosopher-poet Johnny Golding offers a series of provocations and ruminations on art, play, power, and what might be a state of total acceptance – or a home.

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Three More Songs for Our Black Chapel

Three More Songs for Our Black Chapel

Reflecting on their experience of Theaster Gates' Serpentine Pavilion, the members of RESOLVE Collective offer a series of sonic memories from communal spaces.

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Two white women with short hair are sitting cross-legged in a sunny London park. They are laughing beside a patch of tall wild flowers

Understanding Planet as Household: Janine Benyus and Kate Raworth

Economist and doughnut economics creator Kate Raworth speaks with Janine Benyus, a scientist and leading figure in biomimicry, about how designing from the whole can help us to thrive.

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A group of five women or girls, wearing black, singing in a purple-lit space. Most of them are wearing accessories that recall traditional African necklaces or headbands and sashes in colourful print.

Speaking to Support Structures: Nawi Collective

Support Structures fellows Nawi Collective consider how they foster care and connection through voicing, listening, and responding to one another's needs.

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Serpentine Podcast

Bringing together the artists, writers and thinkers of our time to explore timely questions around technology, ecology and equality.

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