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A group of people are holding a golden parachute above their heads and smiling

Speaking to Support Structures: FerArts

FerArts, a collective of socially-engaged artists, share their approach to amplifying marginalised voices across the creative industries and society.

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A group of people in winter clothing smiling in front of a door with marble pillars.

Speaking to Support Structures: Beverley Bennett

Artist, filmmaker and Support Structures fellow Beverley Bennett speaks about founding and caring for the different forms of relationships that are core to her work.

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Black Planetarium

Black Planetarium

Responding to Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster's Alienarium 5, this short story embraces cosmic metamorphosis and imagines a moment of Black transcendence.

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A group of young children are playing on colourful construction-style materials with their parents watching

Speaking to Support Structures: RESOLVE Collective

Members of interdisciplinary design collective RESOLVE consider how they work to realise just and equitable visions of change.

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Earth's Breath

Earth's Breath

This flowing meditation invites us to take a breath of gratitude in communion and union with plant life.

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A group of smiling people sitting under a parachute

Speaking to Support Structures: Barby Asante

Support Structures for Support Structures Fellow Barby Asante reflects on how acceptance and reciprocity can form foundations for creative support.

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people sitting around a bright green carpet laid out in the grand galleries of a classical art gallery, sharing drinks

Speaking to Support Structures: Abbas Zahedi

Artist and Support Structures for Support Structures fellow Abbas Zahedi offers insight into the centrality of invitation and dialogue to his practice.

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a mysterious dark space with red hair

shush (feat. lucinda chua): A Response to Alienarium 5

A response to Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster's Alienarium 5, this audio work is a darkly dreamlike guided meditation that brings us close to a mysterious creature.

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a form with a texture like grey mineral

Sound Gallery: Crystals of this Social Substance by Jay Bernard

Jay Bernard's audio work for the Sound Gallery series brings eight young people into conversation on class, economics and inequality.

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