Food & Drink

The Pavilion Tea House, Serpentine South

Open annually from June to October, the Serpentine Pavilion commission has become an international site for architectural experimentation and presented projects by some of the world’s greatest architects and artists. Discover the Serpentine Pavilion 2024 by Minsuk Cho, Mass Studies

Every year, a temporary café is embedded into the winning architectural commission. Offering a full range of drinks and ice creams, the Pavilion Tea House is the perfect spot to grab refreshments whilst exploring the Pavilion.

The Magazine Restaurant, Serpentine North

Enjoy breakfast, lunch and drinks in The Magazine at Serpentine North – or pop by for a coffee and cake.

The Magazine puts sustainable and seasonal food at the heart of the kitchen, with colourful, healthy options for the whole family.

The restaurant menu started in collaboration with Cooking Sections’ CLIMAVORE project, ensuring maximum taste and minimum waste – and is constantly evolving.

To book a table and explore our menus, visit The Magazine website.


Discover more on CLIMAVORE by Cooking Sections

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A still from Salmon Traces of Escapees: a round, blue, shape with a white outline