Unwritten Handbook: Harold Offeh

Serpentine Gallery

22 Oct 2016 - 3:00 PM

Unwritten Handbook:
Harold Offeh

Admission Free

Harold Offeh presented a talk on his practice in the Serpentine Galleries Education Space.

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From January – March 2016, Harold Offeh worked with a group of twelve Year 10 students from Westminster Academy on the Serpentine Galleries Youth Forum. The young people worked with Harold to collectively write, record and produce a television programme entitled ‘Everything is T.V: Who has the Power?’. The short programme is based on discussions the young people had about school, the education system and society. In July 2016 the programme was screened at Westminster Academy to an audience of students and newly qualified teachers and used as a tool to generate discussion about how to collaboratively bring about change in school.

Unwritten Handbook is a seasonal series of conversations with artists commissioned through Education and Projects at the Serpentine Galleries. Recent Artist Talks include: Stephanie Cubbin, Chris Jones and Janna GrahamBedfellowsAnton KatsFrances RifkinInvisible Spaces of ParenthoodSam Curtis and Mohamad Hafeda.  



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Unwritten Handbook: Harold Offeh

Friday, 9th December 2016

Harold Offeh 3

Harold Offeh

Covers Live: Funkadelic

Image courtesy MAC, Birmingham UK

Harold Offeh 7

Harold Offeh

Covers, After the Rolling Stones

Harold Offeh 8

Harold Offeh

Transporter. Public Art Commission for Art on the Underground.

Harold Offeh 10

Harold Offeh

Hairography: Pink Wig

Harold Offeh 5

Harold Offeh

Freshen Up Song