The Magazine restaurant, with Oliver "Ollysan" Lange at the helm is now open.

Ollysan's contemporary cooking can be experienced in the awe inspiring new space designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

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Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 6pm,

Sunday 9am – 6pm

Closed on Mondays

Closed 24 December through 2 January


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Oliver “Ollysan” Lange

Born into a family passionate about gastronomy, Ollysan found his home in the kitchen at a very young age. While studying art, he realised it was cooking that was his real passion, and so he travelled to learn about the different cuisines of the world. It was then he fell in love with Japan – and dedicated his gastronomic talent to the tastes, techniques and textures of the Japanese kitchen. So successful was he at incorporating the precision and dedication of Japanese cooking into his own European heritage, that he was awarded the name “Ollysan“ by his masters.

In 2004, he supported star chef Mario Lohninger in earning a Michelin star for the world-renowned Frankfurt restaurant Silk. Since 2007, Ollysan’s company, Kokoro, has acted as consultant to internationally-acclaimed restaurants on developing menus, kitchen design and food concepts, all while he has been running restaurants and guest-starring at the international pop-up restaurants created by Pret A Diner.

Ollysan’s cooking is not strictly ‘fusion food’ – instead he is a chef with a talent for exploiting his favourite food experiences from around the world and using the best of what he can find wherever he works to its maximum potential. He brings the philosophy of Japanese cooking into his kitchen – its dedication, respect for the purity of ingredients, balancing of tastes and, most importantly, kokoro (heart and soul) to everything he creates.

The Magazine Restaurant