Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI

Arts Technologies Annual Strategic Briefing
Online 19 March 2024, 7pm Free Livestream: Closed Captions
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Join us online for the launch of Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI (FAE4). Hear from Serpentine’s Arts Technologies team about key insights and be the first to read the new briefing.

Arts Technologies’ annual publication, Future Art Ecosystems (FAE), focuses on the implications of different technologies for art and cultural organisations. This year, FAE4 zooms in on the emerging landscape of AI technologies as they impact the creative economy and society at large. With insights from leading voices in art, tech industry and government policy, this publication maps the risks and opportunities in building and integrating various elements of AI systems within the cultural domain.

FAE briefings identify the dynamics and opportunities within emerging technology spaces and offer a roadmap for building 21st-century public cultural infrastructure. The past publications have accurately predicted a variety of phenomena that now dominate the art and technology landscape, from the changing role of art patronage with the expansion of the tech sector to emergence of a new artist-led technological and commercial practice (FAE1), and the use of the art space as a test case for new technology-driven economic and governance models (FAE3).

About Future Art Ecosystems

Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) was born out of a need to inform organisational development in the arts and specifically around ecosystem design for art and advanced technologies (AxAT). While there is a rich discursive space that revolves around art’s critical interventions into contemporary technologies such as AI, blockchain and immersive technologies, and their mainstream narratives, a dedicated focus on operational and infrastructural conditions for supporting and developing AxAT has been largely lacking.

Since 2019, FAE has united and platformed the voices of leading artists, technologists, cultural organisations and civic actors, whose efforts are directed towards building out new systems that can drive organisational and creative innovation.

Important Information

To interact and submit questions online, you will need to create a Twitch account to join the conversation in real-time and take part. This is free and instructions can be found here. We hope to see you in the chat!

About Arts Technologies

Serpentine’s Arts Technologies at Serpentine proposes critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on advanced technologies through artistic interventions.

Supporting artist-led experimentation that challenges and reshapes the role that technologies can play in culture and society is at the heart of Arts Technologies’ commitment to Serpentine’s public mission. The programme supports artists in nurturing ambitious ideas and developing artworks that work with advanced technologies as a medium, tool or topic, often evolving iteratively and operating beyond gallery walls.

The foundation of the Arts Technologies programme is located in an evolving R&D Platform that supports the development of infrastructures for ongoing artistic exploration and interrogation of wider technological conditions within society.

About Future Art Ecosystems

Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) is an annual strategic briefing launched in 2020 that provides concepts, references, language and arguments that can be integrated into operational agendas for 21st century cultural infrastructure: the systems that support art and advanced technologies as a whole, and respond to a broader societal agenda.



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