From the architecture pavilion and digital commissions to the ideas marathon and the general ecology programme, explore over 50 years of artists, projects and exhibitions.

Craigie Aitchison: Paintings 1953–81

Serpentine South Gallery 1 December 1981 — 24 January 1982

A retrospective of Scottish painter Craigie Aitchison, including 85 oil paintings.

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Ger van Elk: Recent painting and sculpture and a selection of earlier work

Serpentine South Gallery 30 Jan — 17 Mar 1982

This Arts Council exhibition was the first major British public showing of the work of Dutch artist Ger van Elk.

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Eureka! Artists from Australia

Serpentine South Gallery 13 Mar — 25 Apr 1982

This exhibition of contemporary Australian art took place jointly at the Serpentine Gallery and the ICA.

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The Living Arts of India: Craftsmen at Work

Serpentine South Gallery 8–31 May 1982

A selection of nine distinguished crafts workers, carefully chosen from all over India, demonstrated their crafts in the gallery.

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Adrian Stokes 1902–72: A retrospective

Serpentine South Gallery 8 Jun — 4 Jul 1982

This was an extensive survey exhibition of Stokes' oeuvre, including his paintings, writings and a selection of documentation.

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Summer Show 1 [1982]

Serpentine South Gallery 10 Jul — 8 Aug 1982

John Lessore selected the first summer show of the 1982 season from an open submission.

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Summer Show 2 [1982]

Serpentine South Gallery 10 Jul — 8 Aug 1982

The second 1982 summer show was selected by John McLean and included 10 painters and one sculptor.

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Summer Show 3 [1982]

Serpentine South Gallery 18 Sep — 17 Oct 1982

The final summer show of the 1982 season was selected from an open submission by Richard Francis.

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Victor Willing: Paintings for the Serpentine

Serpentine South Gallery 23 Oct — 21 Nov 1982

An exhibition of works by Victor Willing, including seven paintings made especially for the show.

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