Online Tuesday 16 August, 6pm BST Free Open Captions

“Quantum computing is a step forward in understanding ourselves, the world and our place in it in new plural and relational ways.” – Libby Heaney

Follow artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney as she plays Hivemind, a virtual knowledge game created by Trust. Heaney will use Hivemind to explore the new logic systems made available to us through quantum mechanics. She’s modified the game environment, transforming it into a quantum Hivemind that she describes as a “non-linear labyrinth that weaves together multiplicities, entanglements and collapses to let us peer into the futures of quantum computing through art.” During the stream, Heaney will be joined by arebyte curator Rebecca Edwards, arebyte producer Nimco Kulmiye and Serpentine Curator Eva Jäger (as Orb).

Event Information

Presented by Serpentine and arebyte Gallery, this event will be streamed live on @serpentineUK’s Twitch. Visit at the time of the event or sign up for a reminder. While you don’t need a Twitch account to watch the stream, you’ll need one to join in the chat. It’s free and instructions can be found here.

Libby Heaney

Libby Heaney is a British artist and lecturer who holds a PhD in Quantum Information Science from the University of Leeds and an MA in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins in London. In her post-disciplinary practice, Heaney combines quantum computing and art as topics and tools to create intuitive, visual experiences that help us understand the world of quantum mechanics, as well as quantum computing’s radical potential and pitfalls. Heaney is currently exhibiting   The Evolution of Ent-: QX at arebyte Gallery in London until 20 August. Ent- is a commission by LAS (Light Art Space) and was first shown at the Schering Stiftung in Berlin in early 2022.


Hivemind  is part of the R&D Platform’s continued effort to reimagine how artists can bring audiences into the research phases of their work. What began as  R&D Labyrinths in 2021, has become an interactive, customisable knowledge game. Developed by Trust members Calum Bowden, Will Freudenheim, Joanna Pope, and 3D designer Seamus Edson, Hivemind allows artists to share the tools, data and processes behind their work in the form of a narrative playthrough. Watch and follow the artists’ journeys live on Twitch.  

Download Hivemind here  to create your own journey through the game.


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