PRECIOUS OKOYOMON: But did you die?

Serpentine and Wonder are delighted to announce the launch of Precious Okoyomon’s latest collection of poems But Did You Die? combining their signature divinely-inspired lyricism with vivid illuminations.

Okoyomon’s pantheism-in-verse brings the sensibility of their sublime installations to the page with poems that are as expressive as they are formally inventive. This delicate book weaves an unprecedented braid of poetry, experimental writing and drawing.

Precious Okoyomon has been closely linked to Serpentine for many years throughout its programmes including their participation in the Work Marathon (2018); The End of the World as part of Park Nights 2019; do it, an ever-expanding set of creative instructions by leading artists (2020-ongoing); THE SKY IS A GENIUS – an evening of poetry inside of P. Staff’s exhibition On Venus (2020); 140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth (2021) as part of Serpentine’s Back to Earth exhibition; and Poetry and Spiritualism inside Dominique Gonzalez Foerster’s exhibition Alienarium 5 (2022).


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