Quercus (video still, 2020), Formafantasma. Courtesy of Formafantasma

Back to Earth: Tracing the Roots

What does design look like when it begins from a position of ecological responsibility? What does designing with and for the non-human mean?

Host Victoria Sin is joined by Rebecca Lewin this week, for a dive into everything from eco-design led exhibition making, to asking questions about the future of design education and ecological practices.

Lewin is joined by Formafantasma, Dunne & Raby and sound works from Black Quantum Futurism‘s, Temporal Technologies, part of a series seeking strategies for survival for marginalised peoples in a “high-tech” and oppressive, linear space-time.

If changes in design attitudes begin with education (of the public, of companies, of governments and of designers), what moves can be made within institutions to prompt these shifts?


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