Image Credit: Joy Yamusangie

On Practice: Walking

On Practice: Walking asks how does walking shape our experience of the city? How can it be used as a tool for resistance and change?

Featuring artist Sam Curtis’s Changing Play project with children from the Portman Early Childhood centre, Which Way Now? alongside interviews with anthropologist Tim Ingold, campaign group Voice of Domestic Workers and writer Katouche Goll.

In this episode of On Practice we highlight the work of two of our long-term partners, The Voice of Domestic Workers and The Alliance for Inclusive Education, ALLFIE.

The Voice of Domestic Workers, is a grassroots organisation made up of multi-national migrant Domestic Workers in the UK. They work to empower migrant domestic workers to stand up and voice their opposition to discrimination, inequality, slavery and all forms of abuse. You can read more about their support network, campaigns here, donate here, or support by purchasing their new Our Journey book.

ALLFIE is a Disabled people-led organisation in the UK. They campaign for the right of all Disabled pupils and students to be fully included in mainstream education, training and apprenticeships with all necessary supports. You can find out more about them here. You can stand up for inclusive education by signing their manifesto or help ALLFIE build a better, more inclusive world by becoming a member of the Alliance.

In the spirit of On Practice, each episode is accompanied by an exercise to try at home. For this episode, we share Planning for an Unplanned Walk, Sam Curtis, 2021. Download the poster, designed by Joy Yamusangie, below.

About On Practice

Over the last year through the pandemic, we’ve seen more than ever how our individual actions impact others, how we’re all interdependent. This three-part podcast series explores the practices that can sustain us individually and collectively – Cooking, Listening and Walking – and how they can be used to bring people together to work towards change.

Hosts Amal Khalaf and Alex Thorp welcome artists, collaborators and friends to explore ideas and projects developed as part of Serpentine’s Education and Civic programme, which connect communities, artists and activists to generate responses to pressing social issues.

On Practice is produced by Reduced Listening.


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