Radio Earth Hold

A day of conversation and collective listening around sonic solidarity

Serpentine Gallery

28 Oct 2018 - 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Radio Earth Hold

Admission Free

Hosted and supported by Serpentine Projects, Earth Hold organised a day of live broadcasts, listening sessions, and discussion on 28 October to coincide with the end of Qalandiya International in Palestine. 

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The event offered an opportunity for Radio Earth Hold to share their research with the public, to reflect on its content, and take ideas of dispersed, intangible, radio solidarity into physical, communal space. This event was a prelude to the upcoming Serpentine Projects residency programme Radio Ballads.

Radio Earth Hold explores the potential for planetary forms of solidarity, using sound and radio as catalysts and vehicles for supra-national connection.

Radio Earth Hold's research traces echoes between the anti-occupation movement in Palestine and anti-racism movements in the North American context. They examine British Mandate radio as a colonial instrument in Palestine; Israeli control of Palestinian telecommunications as part of an architecture of occupation; and the use of radio as a platform for Palestinian resistance. Radio Earth Hold connect these to the birth of Mni Wiconi at Standing Rock, radical midwifery practices, and the acousmatics of sound in the womb.

Broadening beyond political struggle to the phenomenon of ‘natural radio’, their research addresses how electromagnetic radiation exists all around us, functioning at a bigger-than-planetary scale. How might natural radio and acousmatic sound—reverb without a cause, or echo without a source—offer a model for reorganising relationships between the individuals and the world? What solidarity emerges from the recognition of our participation in the transmission of planetary sound?

Radio Earth Hold presented a day of collective listening and discussion around these ideas, bringing together artists, writers and musicians working on sound, radio, activism and the planetary. The day navigated engaged political struggle with more macro, theoretical, and poetic perspectives.

Workshops, presentations and conversations with:

Daisy Hildyard
Sulaiman Majali
Sophie Dyer
Louis Moreno and Dhanveer Singh Brar
Inas Halabi

Radio Earth Hold also takes the form of a distributed radio series, with episodes commissioned from artists and writers Inas Halabi, Ravon and Autumn Chacon, Basma al-Sharif and Sky Hopinka, and Ma’an Abu Taleb. These will be hosted on Qalandiya International and the Serpentine’s websites in the coming months, and broadcast through a network of partner radio stations. Radio Earth Hold is commissioned as part of the collateral program of this year’s Palestinian biennial, Qalandiya International IV.

Radio Earth Hold is organised by Rachel Dedman, Laure Selys and Arjuna Neuman.



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A day of conversation and collective listening around sonic solidarity

Radio Earth Hold