Bernhard Prinz

Serpentine South Gallery 1 Sep — 9 Oct 1988 Free

This was the first exhibition of Bernhard Prinz’s work in Britain, bringing together his work from the past four years alongside new work specifically made for the Serpentine’s North Gallery.

The exhibition consisted of dramatic compositions juxtaposing large-scale wooden sculptures, reminiscent of architectural archetypes with monumental colour photographs. These photographs featured models frozen in enigmatic gestures and carrying small ritual offerings, often recalling the large architectural objects. These ensembles, festooned with vessels, plinths and drapes, suggested a kaleidoscope of art historical references: Renaissance portraits, memento moris, still lifes, allegories and metaphysical interpretations of geometry and architecture. Prinz combined these with references to the glossy style of fashion photography and film stills to reinvest the traditional genre of allegory with contemporary meaning.

The exhibition was developed by the Serpentine Gallery in partnership with the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, and the Orchard Gallery, Derry.


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