Leon Vilaincour: Paintings 1968–83

Serpentine South Gallery 30 Apr — 30 May 1983 Free

The first public exhibition of a substantial group of Leon Vilaincour’s oil paintings from the previous 15 years.

Apart from their occasional inclusion in group exhibitions, Leon Vilaincour’s paintings had been seldom seen.

Krakow-born English painter Vilaincour (b.1923) took much of his subject matter from early 19th century history, often military. He noted that “the apparent anomalies of chronology – people and details belonging to several separate centuries being brought together – are due to a rearrangement of historical sequence, a rewriting of history with a logic dependent on the painter’s choice, sometimes independent of outer facts.”

The paintings in this show included Last Judgement and Resurrection, Vanitas, Martyrdom of Jeanne d’Arc, and The Egyptian Campaign 1798/1801. A publication with text by Nicholas Wadley accompanied the exhibition.


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