Open Photography 1978: Midland Group Nottingham

Serpentine South Gallery 20 May — 11 Jun 1978 Free

An exhibition of 146 photographs organised by The Midland Group and curated by R. B. Kitaj and John Szarkowski.

This was an open exhibition of photography organised by The Midland Group – an arts organisation based in Nottingham in the East Midlands that was in existence from 1943 to 1987.

The exhibition presented 146 photographs by 101 photographers selected from 2,000 prints.

It was one of a series of open-submission photographic exhibitions organised by the group at different venues during the 1970s, alongside their notable work in the fields of live art and performance art.

This exhibition at the Serpentine was curated by R. B. Kitaj and John Szarkowski.


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