Serpentine South Gallery 10 Mar — 19 Apr 2009 Free

The Serpentine Gallery presented the first major solo exhibition of Rebecca Warren’s work in a UK public gallery.

Warren is known internationally for her exuberant, roughly-worked clay sculptures, bronzes and vitrines, containing carefully assembled objects collected by the artist.

The show presented pieces from throughout Warren’s career and featured a selection of her best-known works, including the iconic Helmut Crumb (1998), The Mechanic (2000) and a selection of vitrines, alongside new work in steel made specifically for the exhibition.

The artist engages with the history of figurative sculpture and her position within this predominantly male tradition. Warren’s shape-shifting sculptures in clay and bronze range from amorphous to more recognisable forms, which are sometimes sexually explicit, embracing both the formal and the grotesque.

Warren says of her work: “Though my work evolves through a process of appropriation and reference, it is non-didactic, being closer to revelation and discovery.”



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