Serpentine South Gallery 1 Nov 2014 Free

Andrea Brady and Lars Iyer presented readings in the Trisha Donnelly exhibition. Programmed in collaboration with The White Review.

Andrea Brady’s books of poetry include Vacation of a Lifetime (Salt, 2001), Wildfire: A Verse Essay on Obscurity and Illumination (Krupskaya, 2010), Mutability: scripts for infancy (Seagull, 2012), Cut from the Rushes (Reality Street, 2013) and Dompteuse (Bookthug, 2014). She was born in Philadelphia, studied at Columbia and Cambridge Universities and is now Professor at Queen Mary University of London, where she runs the Centre for Poetry. She is director of the Archive of the Now, a digital repository of recordings of poets performing their own work, and co-publisher of Barque Press.

Lars Iyer is a lecturer in philosophy at Newcastle University. He is the author of the novels Spurious, Dogma and Exodus, which was shortlisted for the 2013 Goldsmiths Prize. His new novel Wittgenstein Jr concerns a group of unruly Philosophy undergraduates and their austere lecturer, who they nickname Wittgenstein Jr. Called “superbly done” by The Guardian, an “elegiac book” by The Telegraph and described as a novel “you can read in an afternoon but think about for a year” by The Independent on Sunday, Wittgenstein Jr is an intelligent, heartfelt and undeniably funny new work by one of the most exciting British authors writing today.

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