Serpentine Cinema: Lucy Raven

Serpentine South Gallery 8 December 2016 — 7 February 2017 Free

On the occasion of Lucy Raven’s solo exhibition, the artist programmed a series of screenings in multiple locations that brought together works by artists, documentary footage and feature-length films. Introduced by leading film theorists, writers and artists, six of the screenings took place at the Serpentine Gallery, turning the Gallery into a cinema and produced in collaboration with MUBI.

“One of the things that links all of these films is a set of questions about how the body is animated and motion capture and movement, so that’s something I’ve been thinking about and exploring in different works in this show throughout. All of these films to me are touchstones for that in different ways and I think that often sci-fi and horror and cartoons are where you see some of these ideas most explicitly. They’re also all the films that I just really totally love. Maybe there’s a fine line for me between the humour and the horror that I’m trying to bring together through the programme.” Lucy Raven

Screening schedule

8 December, 8.30pm, Picturehouse Central: Lucy Raven and special effects visionary Phil Tippett present work in progress as well as the sci-fi cult classic Starship Troopers (Paul Verhoeven, 1997, 129’).

13 December, 7pm, Serpentine Gallery: Limbo: The Organized Mind (Jim Henson & Raymond Scott, 1966, 4’22’’), Minnie the Moocher (Max Fleischer, 1932, 7’6’’), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Philip Kaufman, 1978, 115’) .

20 December, 7pm, Serpentine Gallery, Solidarity (Joyce Wieland, 1973, 11’), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Robert Zemeckis, 1988, 104’). With an introduction by Esther Leslie.

17 January, 7pm, Serpentine Gallery, Vertigo (title sequence) (Saul Bass/Alfred Hitchcock, 1958, 2’59’’), La Région Centrale, (Michael Snow, 1971, 180’). With an introduction by Maria Palacios Cruz.

24 January, 7pm, Serpentine Gallery, Anemic Cinema (Marcel Duchamp, 1926, 7’), Groundhog Day (Harold Ramis, 1993, 101’). With an introduction by Karen Alexander.

31 January, 7pm, Serpentine Gallery, Hacked Circuit (Deborah Stratman, 2014, 15’05’’), Blow Out (Brian De Palma, 1981, 108’). With an introduction by Janet Harbord.

7 February, 7pm, Serpentine Gallery, All that Jazz (final scene: Bye Bye Life) (Bob Fosse, 1979, 9’50’’). Miracle Mile (Steve Jarnatt, 1988. 87′). With an introduction by Victoria Brooks.

9 February, 8.30pm, Picturehouse Central: artist, filmmaker and cinematographer Arthur Jafa presents two films; APEX and Mechanics of Empathy (in progress) followed by a conversation with Lucy Raven.


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