Serpentine South Gallery 12 November 2002 — 26 January 2003 Free

This, the first presentation of Takashi Murakami’s work in the UK, included his paintings, sculptures and wallpaper made from 1999 to the time of the exhibition.

These recent works included Murakami’s 1993 invention, Mr DOB, a comic-like character that became his signature, logo and alter ego, and makes a regular appearance in his paintings, sculptures, T-shirts and other merchandise. Murakami’s recent paintings showed Mr DOB morphed into a half-cartoon, half-monster figure.

In 2000, Murakami created two new characters, Kaikai and Kiki, who featured prominently in Murakami’s new work. Their names recall the term ‘kaikaikiki’ used in the late 16th century to describe the work of the painter Eitoku Kanô as being both ‘powerful and sensitive’.


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