The Long Time Sessions: Deep Time Culture: Future Art Ecosystems

Online 9 Jul 2020 Free

A fortnightly online talk series on cultivating care for the world beyond our lifetimes.

2020 is a poignant reminder that we need longer-term thinking now to tackle the existential risks we face and create a better world for future generations.

The Long Time Sessions is a fortnightly online talk series on cultivating care for the world beyond our lifetimes. It will bring together leading thinkers and doers from art, culture, philosophy, science, technology, law, finance and politics to take a longer view. Speakers will explore how engaging with the long-term can change the way we act in the short term.

The Long Time Sessions are organised by The Long Time Project, in collaboration with the RSA and the General Ecology Network at the Serpentine Galleries.

Thursday 9th July marks the inaugural event in the Long Time Sessions, as well as the launch of the Serpentine’s report, Future Art Ecosystems on Art and Advanced Technologies (FAE: AxAT), co-produced with Rival Strategy. On the occasion of The Long Time Sessions, FAE collaborators, Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge of Hyphen-Labs, Marta Ferreira de Sá of Rival Strategy and curator Julia Kaganskiy discuss strategies for long-termism and the development of artist-led deep time culture, technologies and policies, with Serpentine CTO Ben Vickers.


Future Art Ecosystems

The ‘art world’, as it is known today, can be understood as a series of ecosystems, incorporating artists, cultural institutions, funders, collectors and many others. Each issue of the Future Art Ecosystems reports will provide strategic analysis and recommendations as to where new actors and processes are emerging. FAE: AxAT focuses on the new infrastructures being built around artistic practices engaging with advanced technologies, and examines how these changes are likely to have long term impact on the art field.

Speaker Bios

Marta Ferreira de Sá is partner and Director of Strategy at Rival Strategy, the studio she co-founded with Benedict Singleton to maximise the strategic potential of services, technologies, places and organisations. Recent project partners include cultural institutions, professional services companies, control room software providers, automotive brands and inter-governmental organisations. Marta has previously held research and teaching positions at MIT and Strelka Institute. Alongside Rival, she teaches at the Royal College of Art and is a Design Specialist for the Design Council.

Julia Kaganskiy is an independent curator and cultural producer working across art, design, and technology. She is currently curating the forthcoming ‘AI, Ethics & Health’ season at Science Gallery London. Previously, she was the founding director of NEW INC, the first museum-led cultural incubator, an initiative of the New Museum in New York. Prior to that, she was the founding Editor-in-Chief of The Creators Project, an international cultural platform dedicated to art and technology co-created by VICE Media and Intel.

Hyphen-Labs is a London based design studio using technology to explore absurdities that emerge at the intersection of technology, art, science, and the future. We use design to challenge conventions and stimulate conversations, placing planetary needs and collective experiences at the center of our current evolving narratives.

Ece Tankal is a Turkish born designer and new media artist based in Barcelona. Ece is interested in exploring interventions and interaction related to bodily, spatial and temporal concepts through mixed media installations, virtual reality experiences and speculative design. Trained in architecture, her approach is to place the viewer as a natural extension of the micro and macro topographies she creates to expand and stretch the reality we currently occupy. She is one of the co-founders of Hyphen-Labs, an international team of engineers, scientists, architects, and artists creating at the intersection of art and emerging technology.

Inspired by the translation of concepts to material expressions Carmen Aguilar y Wedge creates experiences to physicalize and visualize her intersectional experience through an aesthetic framework of science fiction, futurism, and surrealism. Carmen has a background in structural engineering and co-founded Hyphen-Labs blending identity with speculative design, digitalism, the environment and social issues through the context of architecture, robotics, virtual reality, fashion, computation, new media, music, and smart materials.

Ben Vickers is a curator, writer, explorer, publisher, technologist and luddite. He is CTO at the Serpentine Galleries in London, co-founder of Ignota Books and an initiator of the open-source monastic order unMonastery.


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