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Work Marathon - Stella Creasy, Nick Srnicek, Jamie Susskind, Rana Dasgupta, Karl Marx

On Work: Universal Basic Income etc

Karl Marx rapping plus how will political participation look when technology brings about the collapse of capitalism?

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On Work: Dream Works

Beatriz Colomina engages in horizontal thinking and welcomes guests into her bed: Katharine Vega, Nina Power, and Matthew Fuller.

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On Work: The Work of Art

On Work: The Work of Art

Victoria Sin and Lucia Pietroiusti discuss contributors to the Work Marathon that discuss what it means to make work as an artist.

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Victoria Sin, If I had the words

On Work: Working the Work Marathon

Backstage at the Serpentine Work Marathon with Stella Creasy, Wilson Oryema, Nick Srnicek, Nanu Al-Hamad, Beatriz Colomina, and more.

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Pedro Reyes

On Work: Home

The Design Museum’s Chief Curator, Justin McGuirk, chairs a panel on the merging of work and home life.

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Lily Cole, Work Marathon Press Image

On Work episode 2: Invisible Labour

Marina Otero chairs a conversation about labour in an interspecies and posthuman landscape.

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On Work: Playbour

On Work: Playbour

Do you work for pleasure, or work to survive? We teamed up with gallery Furtherfield to discuss Playbour and gamification.

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