Serpentine Galleries Exhibitions Programme 2019

Serpentine Galleries Exhibitions Programme 2019

Announcing the Serpentine's exhibition programme from January 2019 to September 2019, including Hito Steyerl, Emma Kunz, Faith Ringgold, Luchita Hurtado and the Serpentine Pavilion.

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Visionary Drawings - An exhibition conceived with Christodoulos Panayiotou
Serpentine Gallery
23 March – 19 May 2019

The first UK solo exhibition by the late Swiss healer, researcher and artist Emma Kunz (1892–1963) is conceived with artist Christodoulos Panayiotou. Kunz never received a formal arts education, yet from 1938 she produced hundreds of geometric drawings which were first exhibited posthumously in the early 1970s. Her work was inspired by spiritualism and constructed using radiesthesia – a technique using a pendulum to plan the structure of her drawings, each of which were completed in a single session. Kunz considered these drawings as images of energy fields from which she would formulate diagnoses for her patients or answers to questions she posed to her pendulum. Engaging with these varied phenomena, Kunz’s work explores philosophical and scientific themes that are not only rooted to her own times but also to the future; she predicted that her drawings were destined for the 21st Century.

Serpentine Sackler Gallery
23 May – 20 October 2019

The Serpentine is proud to present the first solo exhibition of work by Luchita Hurtado in an institution. Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1920, Hurtado moved to the United States in 1928 and later travelled extensively in Mexico. Her approach to painting and drawing over the course of her long career is characterised by continuous experimentation, ranging from abstract, at times surreal geometries to biomorphic landscapes and striking patterns, yet all united by a compelling sense of colour, light and movement. Unexpected perspectives - looking straight down or across her own body, or straight up to a glimpse of sky - offer a view of the world that is both grounded and transcendental. For Hurtado, the interconnectivity between human beings, nature and the cosmos was heightened after seeing the first images of Earth from space in 1946, and her work since has continued to propose all life forms as part of a single, living entity. The Serpentine exhibition will trace the trajectory of Hurtado’s expansive career, and at 98, she has produced a rich oeuvre with a continued relevance to contemporary environmental and political issues.

Serpentine Gallery
6 June – 8 September 2019

Faith Ringgold (b. 1930, Harlem, New York) is an artist, activist, educator and author whose work consistently challenges the perceptions of American identity and gender inequality through the lenses of the feminist and civil rights movements. Working prolifically since the early 1960s, Ringgold is recognised for her politically charged paintings, story quilts, prints, children’s books, soft sculptures, masks and performances. She draws upon a wide range of visual and cultural sources, from the traditions of quilt making and its position within the history of slavery to early European Modernism, tankas – richly brocaded Tibetan paintings – and African masks. Focusing on different series that she has created over the past 50 years, this Serpentine survey will include paintings, story quilts, tankas and political posters. It will be the first solo exhibition of Ringgold’s work in a European public institution.

21 June - 6 October 2019

The Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, celebrated for his experimental structures that interpret traditional architectural conventions and reflect natural phenomena, has been selected to design the Serpentine Pavilion 2019.


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Emma Kunz Work No. 003

Emma Kunz

Emma Kunz

Work No. 003
Photo: © Emma Kunz Zentrum


Faith Ringgold

Jazz Stories: Mama Can Sing, Papa Can Blow #1: Somebody Stole My Broken Heart


Acrylic on canvas with pieced fabric border

Courtesy ACA Galleries, New York.

EK 2

Emma Kunz

Work No. 004

LH hero

Face for Arcimboldo, 1973

Oil on canvas
© Luchita Hurtado

Luchita Hurtado

Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold, American People #15: Hide Little Children, 1966 Oil on canvas Private collection, courtesy Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London © 2018 Faith Ringgold / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York