Plan a visit to the Serpentine with your family.

Family Days

Organised in the form of a temporary artist studio, Family Days are a place where children, and their friends and families can develop and explore their interests in their own time. Drawing on the open-ended, experiential philosophies of Reggio Emilia Preschools, Family Days enable artists to develop material rich environments for play and experimentation.

Family Kits

Each year Serpentine commissions an artist to develop a kit for families in response to the annual Architecture programme. Designed as a conversation between artists and children, the Family Kits build on children’s curiosity and creativity and offer playful suggestions for experiencing the structure of the annual Pavilions. Available June–October.

Family Arts Standards

Serpentine have signed up to the Family Arts Standards. We welcome families and to help you enjoy your experience we are committed to ensuring we meet these Standards. As we continue to improve our service for families, your views are very important to us – so please let us know if you have a good experience with us or tell us what you’d like us to improve.


Jemma Egan
Assistant Curator, Serpentine Education
[email protected]
+44 020 7298 1516