Cracks in the Curriculum

Apr 2016 – ongoing

Cracks in the Curriculum is a workshop series and publishing platform, which aims to bring artists and educators together to think about how to address pressing social issues in the classroom.

The series explores key questions and themes that run through the Serpentine Education, Exhibition and Live programmes. The content for each resource emerged from workshops with artists, activists, educators.

The resources feature a series of questions for critical discussion, activities for the classroom and a reading list for further study. The sections fold down to A4 so they can be photocopied and used for lesson planning, they can be adapted to fit overall teaching schemes. On the reverse of each resource is a poster to display in the classroom.

Resource number 1: Bedfellows, Sex (re) education, aims to create space for teachers and students in Years 9 and 10 to talk about sex and relationships in an anti-sexist, anti-racist and LGBTQ+ positive way.

Resource number 2: Octavia Poetry Collective, Poetry from the Personal, leads out of current discourse around migration, movement and identity, exploring the potential of poetry to address diverse personal histories.

Resource number 3: Barby Asante, Countless Ways of Knowing – A Mixtape on Education as a Practice of Freedom, aims to open up a space for teachers and students to talk about race and racism in the classroom.

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