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project and publication exploring the aesthetics, poetics and ecologies of the micro.

Since 2019, Microhabitable has researched across disciplines, considering questions of scale, habitability and self-organisation in a more than-human framework. A collaboration between INLAND-Campo Adentro, Matadero Madrid and Serpentine’s General Ecology initiative, Microhabitable invites methodologies and strategies from anthropology, politics and science, to offer insights into what can be shared across discourses that deal with the microscopic, the micropolitical and the microeconomic.

After publishing the Spanish-language edition of the book in 2019, we are excited to announce the 2023 publication of Microhabitable in English. A reader based on the project’s outcomes, Microhabitable features contributions from physicist Karen Barad, anthropologist Marisol de la Cadena, curator Elvira Dyangani Ose, architect Yona Friedman, biologist Scott F. Gilbert, artist Elaine Gan, anthropologist Elisabeth Povinelli, writer and editor Filipa Ramos, artist Jenna Sutela, anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, and writer Elvia Wilk. Published by Koenig Books, Microhabitable is edited by Fernando García Dory and Lucia Pietroiusti. 

You can buy the publication here.

About Microhabitable 

The Microhabitable project has hosted a series of seminars, a radio station and a residency programme. In its first phase, developed on site at Matadero, Madrid in 2019-2020, Microhabitable comprised a four-month long seminar with guest speakers Jose Manuel Naredo, Sven Lutticken, Stephen Wright and Marisol de la Cadena; an artist residency programme which welcomed Tracey Warr, Ximena Alarcon and Nuno da Luz; as well as a series of radio workshops.  

About INLAND-Campo Adentro

INLAND is a collaborative agency started in 2009 by Fernando García Dory. It provides a platform for diverse actors engaged in agricultural, social and cultural production. During its first stage (2010 – 2013) when it took Spain as an initial case study, INLAND was engaged with artistic production in 22 villages across the country, nationwide exhibitions and presentations, and an international conference. This was followed by a period of reflection and evaluation, launching study groups on art and ecology, and a series of publications. Today, INLAND functions as a collective focused on land-based collaborations and economies, and communities-of-practice as a substrate for post-contemporary art and cultural forms. 

INLAND has a radio station and an academy, produces shows, and makes cheese. It is also a consultant for the European Union Commission on the use of art for rural development policies, while promoting a European Shepherds’ Network, a social movement to question those same policies.


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