Park Nights: Standing on the Corner Art Ensemble

Serpentine Pavilion Thursday 13 October, 8pm  Price: £10, £7 CONC.


As part of Park Nights 2022, Serpentine is pleased to present an evening of music and performance from Standing on the Corner.

Standing on the Corner is an earth-based Art Ensemble founded in 2016 by Shamel Cee Mystery, AKA Gio Escobar. Inspired by, made for and consisting of all people of the African diaspora, Standing on the Corner thrives in fugitivity: they can appear on any night as the beat of one drum, as an orchestra of 30, or as a ghost entirely, but always on the run. The ensemble produces musical, visual and experiential works that equate hyper-local incidence to cosmological wisdom. Visiting sites of emotional resonance under the weight of subjective histories and traumas, the Art Ensemble seeks to uncover the mysteries and the ghosts of hidden truths through focused interpretation. In 2016, they released their eponymous first album, followed by Red Burns in 2017. They have collaborated with musicians such as MIKE (2017, 2018), Earl Sweatshirt (2018), Solange (2019), and Danny Brown (2021).


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