From the architecture pavilion and digital commissions to the ideas marathon and the general ecology programme, explore over 50 years of artists, projects and exhibitions.

From Barrie Bates to Billy Apple: 1960–74

Serpentine South Gallery 6–28 Apr 1974

This was Barrie Bates's first major survey show, featuring work related to his metamorphosis into Billy Apple.

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Roger Hilton: Paintings and drawings 1931-73

Serpentine South Gallery 1–31 Mar 1974

This was a broad survey of Roger Hilton’s paintings, drawings and gouaches.

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Landscape: Paintings by Norman Adams, Adrian Berg, John Hubbard and Edward Middleditch

Serpentine South Gallery 10 Nov — 9 Dec 1973

This exhibition brought together four artists who demonstrated a lasting attachment to landscape as a subject.

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William Tucker: Sculpture 1970-73

William Tucker: Sculpture 1970-73

Serpentine South Gallery 6–28 Oct 1973

This exhibition featured a collection of William Tucker’s sculptures from 1970 to the year of the exhibition, 1973.

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Serpentine Graphics 73

Serpentine South Gallery 8–30 Sep 1973

The final exhibition in the summertime series of 1973 consisted of a selection of works by 26 young artists.

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Serpentine Photography 73

Serpentine South Gallery 28 Jul — 19 Aug 1973

Photography was the focus for this, the third exhibition in the Serpentine's summertime series for 1973.

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Serpentine Painting 73

Serpentine South Gallery 30 Jun — 22 Jul 1973

The second exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery summertime series for 1973 presented work by artists under 35 years of age.

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Serpentine Sculpture 73

Serpentine South Gallery 2–24 Jun 1973

This exhibition was the first of the Serpentine's summer shows for 1973 and was devoted to sculpture.

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Welfare State

Serpentine South Gallery 19–28 May 1973

Welfare State had been due to perform Beauty and the Beast in 1973 but had to change their plans.

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